About the Office of Community Support

In line with the Special Representative of the Secretary-Generals vision and the Missions  strategy, the UNMIK Office of Community Support (OCS) plays an important role in monitoring, reporting and promoting enhanced responses to issues and concerns pertaining to all communities in Kosovo.

OCS dispatches its experienced staff on a regular basis to minority community locales, displacement and returns areas, and religious and cultural sites. They work through an active network of community-based partners and interlocutors, guided by the vital need to promote tolerance and build bridges across community fault lines.

OCS team members, whenever called upon and as appropriate, provide critical interface support between communities and institutional platforms for delivery of essential services at the local level. They help ensure vulnerable groups are able to access humanitarian and development assistance, that all communities enjoy equal access to available public services, and that discriminatory policies and practices are reported and addressed.

OCS manages the Missions Confidence-Building Projects (CBPs), and coordinates the SRSGs Outreach visits to municipalities.

Where required, OCS also supports Kosovos sustained engagement in international and regional processes, including those in economic cooperation, religious and cultural affairs, human rights, and other spheres of activity vital to Kosovos long-term development and stability.

Areas of Work:

Trust-Building Between Communities

Coordinating the SRSG’s visits to municipalities

Managing UNMIK Confidence-Building Projects

Monitoring and reporting