Monitoring, reporting and support

SRSG welcoming the Gjilan/Gnjilane Communities Committee at UNMIK HQ

Monitoring and Support to Local Mechanisms Responsible for the Protection and Promotion of Communities' Rights

One of the core functions of the Office of Community Support (OCS) includes monitoring and assessment of developments and trends in Kosovo municipalities south of the Ibër/Ibar River (except South Mitrovica), and the production and dissemination of daily and special field reports. OCS teams gather information through daily liaison with local authorities, including those representing non-majority communities, religious and community leaders, the international community and civil society. OCS field teams also attend meetings of municipal bodies, where issues affecting communities are discussed.

Furthermore, OCS supports and promotes the functioning of the main local level mandatory mechanisms (the Municipal Offices for Communities and Return and the Communities’ Committees) and officials (the Deputy Mayor for Communities and the Deputy Chairperson for Communities). These have been established in order to promote and protect the interests of non-majority communities, and to ensure institutional responsibility for resolving and preventing cases that have the potential to impede trust-building and the reconciliation process. In the same vein, OCS has been actively supporting the work of the municipalities, the Office of Community Affairs (Prime Ministers Office) and the Consultative Council for Communities (Office of the President) to build their capacity by recommending the donation of UNMIK vehicles and IT equipment when available.


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27 APR 2017