UN Partner Portal (UNPP)

Where UN and Civil Society organisations connect

The UN has created the UN Partner Portal (UNPP), a platform for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to engage with the UN on partnership opportunities. The UNPP is designed to facilitate a harmonised, efficient and easy collaboration between the UN and its partners.


•CSO partnership opportunities posted by multiple UN Agencies in a single location
•CSO Partner profiles to alert UN Agencies of CSO field presence
•Harmonised CSO Partner declaration accepted by all UN Agencies
•CSO partnership data and metrics on partnership practices
•UN Agencies verification and risk profiles of prospective partners
•Key Partner profile data extraction for UN Agency analysis.

Meeting Our Commitments

The Portal is designed to encourage harmonization within the UN and it is expected that more UN Agencies and their associated Partners will join the Portal in the near future.

Benefits of UNPP :

The development of the UN Partner Portal draws on decades of successful partnerships between the UN and CSOs, consultations with networks of NGOs, as well as best practices in partnership management, to support the harmonisation and simplification of business processes. 
If you are interested in being registered on the UNPP to learn more about UN partnership processes, please go to the below link and register and create your CSOs’ online profiles that can be accessed by the UN and also for viewing partnership opportunities from multiple UN Agencies. The portal also allows submission of concept notes to UN for funding considerations. 

Link: https://www.unpartnerportal.org/landing/register