Confidence Building Measures Projects


Call for Confidence Building Measures (CBM) Project Proposals 2018-19


A. Background and Purpose of this Call

Confidence Building Measures (CBM) are small-scale, low cost projects funded by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to facilitate cooperation between communities. Specifically, CBM projects seeks to promote: (a) inter-municipal and inter-ethnic cooperation; (b) the provision of basic services at the community level to stimulate cooperation and reconciliation between communities; and (c) the resolution of economic, social and cultural issues at the local level. 
The projects may take a variety of forms and themes including, but not limited to: small infrastructure development related projects; provision of equipment and start-up kits; short-term income-generating projects to empower communities; training activities that are non-recurrent; and awareness creation on human rights, gender and youth issues. The common thread that all projects must have is an element of inter-community cooperation. 
Proposals are sought for CBM projects to be implemented for the UNMIK budget year 2018-2019.

B. Timelines and Submission Deadline

The projects shall:
  1. be implementable within a time frame of 6 months or less;
  2. be completed before 15 June 2019;
  3. have a long-lasting positive effect on the local population;  
  4. Promote inter-ethnic cooperation and peaceful co-existence of communities
The deadline for submission of proposals is COB on 7 September 2018.

C. Eligibility Criteria

Proposals should be submitted by reputable not-for-profit organizations including, but not limited to: national and local NGOs, international agencies and organizations, associations and government institutions. For-profit organizations and private companies are not eligible to submit CBM project proposals.
The submitting entity should: 
  1. Be legally recognized and registered with the relevant authorities and have employees with the skills to manage the project, a physical address, an email and telephone contact which can be reachable and verified.
  2. Have proven competencies demonstrated by previous record of successful project/program implementation. 
  3. Should demonstrate transparency, accountability and efficiency in the use of resources.
  4. Have an account with a reputable banking institution.


D. Budget 

Submitted projects should not exceed USD 25,000.00 in value. 


E. Acceptability Requirements 

In order to be considered, project proposals shall comply with the following requirements: 
  1. Must have a strong element of inter-community or inter-ethnic cooperation, inline with CBM guidelines as described in section A.
  2. Must be received no later than the deadline for submitting applications referred to in section B above.
  3. Must be submitted using the project proposal application form provided on this website, in English. All sub-sections of the form must be filled. 
  4. Must be accompanied by a detailed budget in the standardized budget template provided. 
  5. Must meet the eligibility criteria provided in section C above. 
Failure to comply with these requirements will lead to the disqualification of the proposal.
If your project proposal meets the above criteria and has a realistic budget, please submit your proposal by email to:
The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)
Confidence Building Measures Project Review Committee 


F. Forms

The forms must be completed in English. All sub-sections of the application form must be filled. No other format will be accepted.

  1. Proposal application form [Please download the form from here
  2. Standardized budget template [Please download the template from here

NB: All proposals that meet the above requirements and eligibility criteria shall be given equal attention and sent to the Project Review Committee (PRC), who will decide on projects that best meet the criteria for CBM, as outlined in section A.