On 3 February 2019, Kosovo Police requested to interview a member of UNMIK personnel about an alleged minor offence in Pristina.


UNMIK is undertaking enquiries and will take appropriate action in accordance with the United Nations policies and procedures.


UNMIK deplores reports circulated on certain television, print and on-line outlets, making additional, irresponsible and unsubstantiated allegations, disclosing personal and other confidential information, violating privacy, causing reputational damage and jeopardising the safety of UN personnel and their family members.


UNMIK further expresses grave concern at the broadcast of a police report and other confidential material and calls upon relevant authorities to take action regarding this improper disclosure and publication.




Contact information of UNMIK Office of Public Information:


Ms. Sanam Dolatshahi, Spokesperson, UNMIK
Email: dolatshahi@un.org
Mobile: +37744151816