Partnerships and Cooperation

Aiming to strengthen the implementation of international human rights standards in Kosovo, UNMIK Human Rights Section actively engages with Kosovo institutions, in particular the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo. The UNMIK Human Rights Section regularly liaises with the Ombudsperson Institution providing technical assistance and targeted support as required.

UNMIK Human Rights Section has also established close cooperation and coordination with partners and other organisations working in the field of human rights through several mechanisms such as the International Human Rights Working Group in Pristina and the Regional Human Rights Working Group in Mitrovica, that have enhanced coordination between UNMIK, the EU, OSCE, the Council of Europe, and the Ombudsperson Institution in relation to monitoring and addressing human rights issues in Kosovo. 

Following the United Nations Kosovo Trust-building Forum in Ljubljana, UNMIK supported coordination efforts on thematic human rights issues, which brought about enhanced co-operation with the International Organization for Migration on promotion and protection of language rights.

UNMIK Human rights Section also takes part in regular UNKT coordination meetings on human rights issues and chairs the thematic working group on human rights.