SRSG Ziadeh’s Message on the Occasion of the United Nations Day:

24 Oct 2022

SRSG Ziadeh’s Message on the Occasion of the United Nations Day:

“Today we reflect on all that has been achieved by the family of humankind, to consider the enormous challenges that have been surmounted in our collective history – a history that created a family of nations, the United Nations – and to reflect on what can be achieved when we all pull together, for PEACE and for PROSPERITY.”

This UN Day, which marks the 77th anniversary of the United Nations Charter entering into force at the conclusion of the Second World War, takes place under the theme ‘Building Back Together for Peace and Prosperity’, with memories of a global pandemic fresh in our minds, environmental turmoil and ongoing conflicts around the globe.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIK Caroline Ziadeh echoes the words of the UN Secretary-General who, in his UN Day message, reminds us that peace must bring a stop to conflicts that ‘jeopardize lives, futures and global progress’.

“Here in Kosovo, I am proud to work with our UN family on critical topics such as gender equality, human rights promotion, poverty reduction, sustainable development and building trust amongst Kosovo’s many communities. I hope you, will also join us on the road to greater peace and prosperity. Today is a moment to take note of those challenges that still confront us, but to remember that it is possible to overcome. Today is a moment for HOPE.”