SRSG Ziadeh Visits the Mitrovica Region

2 Mar 2022

SRSG Ziadeh Visits the Mitrovica Region

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIK, Ms. Caroline Ziadeh, made her first visit to the Mitrovica region on 1 March 2022.

During the visit, SRSG Ziadeh met with the Mayor of South Mitrovica, Mr. Bedri Hamza, as well as the Mayor of North Mitrovica, Mr. Milan Radojević. During the two meetings, the SRSG and the Mayors discussed the needs of the communities in the Mitrovica region, ongoing initiatives, and mutual areas of concern for future collaboration. SRSG Ziadeh reiterated UNMIK’s commitment to building trust between all communities in Kosovo.

SRSG Ziadeh also met with Judge Nikola Kabašić, chief judge at the Appellate Division in Mitrovica, and Judge Ljiljana Stevanović, President of the Basic Court of Mitrovica. During the meeting, the SRSG and the judges discussed UNMIK’s support to strengthening the rule of law in Kosovo and remaining challenges, such as case backlog and language compliance.

The SRSG concluded her visit with a meeting with civil society representatives Ms. Nora Prekazi-Hoti, Director of the NGO Dhemetra Foundation in South Mitrovica, and Ms. Miljana Bulatović-Dunđerin, Art Director of Aquarius Cultural Center at North Mitrovica. They exchanged views on the role of civil society in preserving cultural heritage and the process of building trust through the prism of arts and culture.