Fill in the UN Global survey, now available in Albanian and Serbian

2 Apr 2020

Fill in the UN Global survey, now available in Albanian and Serbian

Fill in the UN Global survey to help shape UN’s vision for future! It only takes one minute to complete!

To mark its 75th anniversary, the United Nations has launched a global conversation on the role of international cooperation in building the future we want. To ensure that everyone’s voice across the world is heard in the global conversation and are reflected in the UN’s Vision document, UN has launched a global survey, which is now also available in Albanian and Serbian languages!


- English language survey:

- Albanian language survey:

- Serbian language survey:


The survey is anonymous and only automatically registers the location of the participant.

Your responses to this survey will help improve international management of the global trends, and put us in a better position to meet our aspirations for a brighter global future in 2045 – when the United Nations will turn 100. The world is undergoing a number of transformations. Our climate is changing rapidly. We are seeing major shifts in technology and in the make-up of our population. And we face risks from growing inequalities, long-running conflicts and new forms of violence. Managing these trends will require cooperation across borders, sectors and generations. So will achieving our shared vision for a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

We encourage you to contribute to the discussions through your personal and professional networks to ensure that your inputs/comments are duly reflected in the global Vision document for 2045!

Read more about #UN75 here.