SRSG Ziadeh visits Ranilug/Ranillug municipality

8 Sep 2023

SRSG Ziadeh visits Ranilug/Ranillug municipality

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIK Ms. Caroline Ziadeh visited Ranilug/Ranillug municipality on 8 September, where she met with the Mayor Ms. Katarina Ristić Ilić.

SRSG Ziadeh and Mayor Ilić discussed a variety of issues, including the socio-economic development of the municipality.

SRSG Ziadeh reaffirmed UNMIK’s continued support to local authorities and communities, with a focus on trust-building and social cohesion, as well as empowerment of women and youth initiatives. SRSG Ziadeh also commended the Mayor for her efforts to encourage tourism in the municipality, as a good opportunity to offer space for people from all backgrounds.

SRSG Ziadeh also visited the women’s agricultural cooperative as well as the Parish/Community House in Veliko Ropotovo/Ropotovë e Madhe village and tasted their organic food. The women’s cooperative was established by seven local women in 2021 with the aim to create employment and improve the socio-economic conditions in the village.