Barabar Principles to improve inter-community relations

12 Oct 2023

Barabar Principles to improve inter-community relations

Used in both official languages in Kosovo, Albanian and Serbian, the word Barabar means equality and fairness. Inspired by this, and informed by a cross-section of stakeholders across Kosovo, the BARABAR PRINCIPLES aim to strengthen ties based on what unites rather than what separates different communities, with the objective of enhancing dialogue, promoting tolerance and cooperation, building trust, and seeking justice.

The principles recognise that improving inter-community relations is key to achieving reconciliation, sustainable peace, and development in Kosovo. They also recognise that every individual, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, social or economic status, or any other distinctiveness should be able to freely exercise their rights, express their views by means of choice, participate actively in social activities, and uphold their values.

You can download the Barabar principles here:

The Barabar Centre is a joint initiative brought together by the civil society organisations INTEGRA from Pristina and CASA from North Mitrovica, with support from UNMIK. Currently located in the Grand Hotel in Pristina, it focuses on developing trust and inclusive open dialogue among all members of the diverse multi-ethnic society of Kosovo, through culture, art, public information, capacity building, education, awareness raising and advocacy actions.

This initiative builds upon previous efforts (UN Kosovo Trust Building Forum and Kosovo Trust-building Platform, Coalition for Reconciliation, dealing with the past principles coalition, fostering interethnic cooperation and reconciliation project) aimed at inter-community dialogue, that have taken place in Kosovo in the last two decades.

The Barabar Centre is not foreseen as a project or platform of organisations or individuals, but as a safe space that serves as an open channel of communication and expression of ideas for all communities in Kosovo.

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Barabar Community Dialogue Centre