Sharing stories: multiethnic youth visit UNMIK during cultural exchange

23 Feb 2023

Sharing stories: multiethnic youth visit UNMIK during cultural exchange

Youthful vibes filled UNMIK yesterday when almost 50 teenagers from Deçan/Dečane visited during a cultural visit to Pristina.

The impromptu visit happened as the youth were on one of a series of visits coordinated by NGO Agimi-Isniq, with support from UNMIK.

“The importance of the project is that we bring children from all communities together, so they can meet each other, tell each other their stories and when they go home to tell their parents that others are not what they think, but what is the reality. They become friends and have a better future to live together in harmony in Kosovo,” Agimi-Isniq executive director Artan Maksutaj explains.

The youngsters were given a tour of UNMIK premises and met UNMIK Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission Caroline Ziadeh, also taking away some reusable drink bottles.

“Thank you so much for coming to visit. Our door is always open to welcome you,” she said, wishing them well on their continuing cultural explorations.

13-year-old Tereza Berisha said it had been a fun surprise visit to the Mission, especially so because of what the youngsters represent:

“I really like that everyone treats us so well in this project and they have hope in us.”

 Meanwhile, Art Dautaj, 14, explained the project had provided many opportunities to explore and learn about Kosovo’s rich heritage – as well as to develop new friendships.  

“It has been very interesting to see parts of our different cultures, everything that has been left behind for us…we also visited different mosques and churches, which were built in ancient times, and we learned about mosques that were built during the Ottoman Empire. Pupils from all communities have been part of all these visits and I made two new good friends from the Bosniak community,” he said.