Përgjegjësia e përbashkët, veprimi i bashkërenduar dhe kompromisi, rruga e vetme drejt përparimit, PSSP Ziadeh i thotë Këshillit të Sigurimit

23 Tet 2023

Përgjegjësia e përbashkët, veprimi i bashkërenduar dhe kompromisi, rruga e vetme drejt përparimit, PSSP Ziadeh i thotë Këshillit të Sigurimit

New York, October 23, 2023 – At the twice-yearly UN Security Council session on Kosovo, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) Caroline Ziadeh today emphasized the urgent need for concerted action and compromise to address the deteriorating security environment and to ensure peace and stability in Kosovo.

Briefing on recent security developments and challenges, PSSP Ziadeh emphasized the critical importance of constructive engagement and de-escalation measures.

She reiterated UNMIK's condemnation of the serious security incident that occurred near Banjska/Banjskë village of Zvečan/Zvečan Municipality in northern Kosovo on September 24 and the tragic loss of life, calling for restraint. "It is essential that the investigations currently taking place provide the opportunity to document these events with facts and hold the perpetrators accountable," added PSSP Ziadeh.

Noting that the September 14 high-level meeting in Brussels did not produce consensus, the UNMIK chief said: "This was a missed opportunity to engage constructively towards a program to implement the relevant commitments of parties according to the agreements reached in Brussels and Ohrid at the beginning of this year".

She expressed hope that the outcome of the EU-US led meetings held separately in Belgrade and Pristina on October 21 will put the dialogue back on the way forward, with a firm commitment from both sides to take de-escalation steps and act according to the proposals presented during the meetings.

"The current political stalemate, with its impact on the security and well-being of the population, can only be overcome through the compromise that must be reached in the Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina," noted SRSG Ziadeh.

Emphasizing the vital connections between peace and sustainable development, SRSG Ziadeh also underlined the importance of regional cooperation and integration initiatives for more productive dialogue.

SRSG Ziadeh emphasized the need for clear communication with the public on issues that affect their lives and human rights, demanding that the work of law enforcement institutions be "firmly anchored in the framework of human rights".

She welcomed recent legislative developments, including the adoption of a law regulating the application process for the status of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, and the Constitutional Court's decision on the Human Rights Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities limited.

Reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the implementation of UNMIK's trust-building agenda, SRSG Ziadeh reaffirmed UNMIK's unwavering commitment to promote communication and understanding among people from all communities in Kosovo.

"Doing so sets the stage for accepting the difficult but essential compromises necessary to achieve progress in dialogue at the leadership level," the UNMIK head said.

She praised the resilience of local actors, including UNMIK partners, in their tireless efforts to promote trust and dialogue, noting, "We will continue our work on building trust, even though we often hear that 'trust is at the lowest level' right now. But if not now, then when?"

In conclusion, SRSG Ziadeh reiterated UNMIK's support for EU-facilitated dialogue and emphasized the imperative for comprehensive and sustainable dialogue to achieve lasting peace and stability in Kosovo.

"Dialogue is the only way forward," she said.

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